Testo deca winstrol kur

Continuous and overdose uses of Winstrol or Stanozolol will cause harmful effect to the genital and urinary organs. This can result deficiency of sperm cells in the semen that lead to impotence. [6] The elderly male users may suffer from the enlargement of prostates which leads to urinary difficulty. Hence may cause pain and persistent erection of the penis. [7] Women can suffer from virilization symptoms like the depending of the voice, hair growth on the body, atrophy of the breasts, menstrual irregularities and even the enlargement of the clitoris. [7] Winstrol can cause cardiovascular effect to be developed rapidly in the users who are badly affected by the fluid retention. During the anabolic steroid therapy, congestive heart failure may occur. [5] Prolong use of Winstrol in the therapy with high doses can result life threatening related to anabolic steroid abuse. These include developing liver tumor, primary liver cancer and abnormal vascular condition known as peliosis hepatic . [7] Winstrol Alternative Winsol is the legal and safe alternative steroid you can use in place of Winstrol. It is used during the cutting cycles of bodybuilders and athletes to ensure that they get the right physique and retain their muscles. It is perfect for men and women.

Testo deca winstrol kur

testo deca winstrol kur


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