T3 steroid and cardio

I am confused as to how this is different than hypothyroidism….?? I guess I don’t get it all. I do have a question though, I have a chronically low temperature, EXCEPT when I’m at a doctor’s office. Is it that I am always bundled up because I’m so cold or know I will get cold? I usually run anywhere from -, but I have found that every time I think I have a fever, I check and that is when my temperature is the lowest, yet I am hot and sweating and very uncomfortable! Is there an explanation for this?

Thyroid status also influences IGF-I expression  in tissues,  

When we take GH for long at high enough dosage    it lowers Thyroid levels  but we need T3 to keep our GH receptor levels optimally upregulated.  

In addition,  many of GH anabolic effects are engendered as a result of production of IGF-1,   so keeping our IGF receptors upregulated by maintaining adequate levels of T3 seems prudent...

GH induced rises in IGF-I stimulates proliferation,    whereas T3 is responsible for hypertrophic differentiation.  

So it would seem that in some tissues, IGF-1 stimulates the synthesis of new cells,    while T3 makes them larger   

The conversion PATHWAY is involved,   and not the simple presence of T3    so T4 is needed, because the deiodinases    and hGH increase exogenous T4 conversion of T4 to T3 and this is what makes it Anabolic.   

It actually regulates various T(3)-dependent functions in many tissues including the anterior pituitary and liver  
So when there is   an excess of T3 in the body, but normal levels of T4,   the bodys   thyroid axis   sends a negative feedback signal.,    and   produces less deiodinase   which signals the cessation of the T4-T3 conversion process,  
and is   inhibitory   of many of the   synergistic effects that T3 has in hgh/igf.       

High intake of T3 inhibits anabolism    and synergy of Hgh/Igf    while   accurate dose and at the right Ratio with T4 make it anabolic.

Tyrosine (Thyroid T4) is a Insulin receptor stimulator, basically is like turning on the switch to the insulin receptor,    increasing Insulin Growth Factor (IGF) response and nutrient uptake.

High bcaa consumption, high hGH intake, high tren ace intake.. all those deplete tyrosine so we must play with the ratios.

There are even smarter pharma grade companies that already produces tablets where in one single tab you have both  T4 and the T3 as 100+20mcg...

T3 steroid and cardio

t3 steroid and cardio


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