Steroids for cough

Naturopathic pediatricians typically recommend rubbing your child’s chest with essential oils in a base oil like coconut oil. Some recommended essential oils for croup include tea tree, thyme and lavender. I highly recommend making a homemade vapor rub to have on hand for situations like this. (Note: Eucalyptus should be avoided in children 2 and under.) You can swap out essential oils as desired. Just always make sure to perform a small skin patch test (for example, on your child’s forearm) to rule out any possible allergic reactions.

After 2 months, we had to fight and beg for X-Rays. My left lung hurt so much. Finally my voice slowly came back. It took til June until people could understand me on the phone. A doctors office called me in June to make an appointment. They hung up and called about an hour later, saying that their phone system wasn’t working well. They had a tech look at the system, and he was scheduled to come back and find out what was wrong. I finally convinced the appointment rep that it was me, and not the phones. By that time, they could hear most of my words, but electronics and hearing aids picked up and magnified the sketchy breathing.

Steroids for cough

steroids for cough


steroids for coughsteroids for coughsteroids for coughsteroids for coughsteroids for cough