Steroidal complex healthy n fit

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Ashwaganda ( Withania somnifera ) is an Indian (Ayurvedic) herb which contains a group of therapeutically important steroidal compounds referred to collectively as withanolides. Ashwaganda contains more than fifty withanolides which vary greatly depending upon the geographic location and plant part. The withanolide profile and content is a key determinant of Ashwaganda quality and efficacy. Liquid Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) is the method of choice for characterizing such a wide range of similar compounds and unequivocably identifying key major components such as withaferin A and withanolide A. This technique is used routinely in the MediHerb Quality Control Laboratories to identify and analyze Ashwaganda and other saponin-containing herbs.

Steroidal complex healthy n fit

steroidal complex healthy n fit


steroidal complex healthy n fitsteroidal complex healthy n fitsteroidal complex healthy n fitsteroidal complex healthy n fitsteroidal complex healthy n fit