Spectroscopic data of steroidal glycosides

In the 1950s, strong radio sources were found to be associated with very dim, very red objects. When the first spectrum of one of these objects was taken there were absorption lines at wavelengths where none were expected. It was soon realised that what was observed was a normal galactic spectrum, but highly red shifted. [29] [30] These were named quasi-stellar radio sources , or quasars , by Hong-Yee Chiu in 1964. [31] Quasars are now thought to be galaxies formed in the early years of our universe, with their extreme energy output powered by super-massive black holes . [30]

Chromatography has developed into a highly sophisticated and varied procedure which is used in chemical or bio-processing industries; the need to separate and purify a product from a complex mixture is a very necessary and highly important step in the production line. The separation can be achieved with great precision; even very similar compounds, such as proteins that may only vary by a single amino acid, can be separated this way. In fact, chromatography can purify any soluble or volatile substance if the right adsorbent material, carrier material, and operating conditions are employed.

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Spectroscopic data of steroidal glycosides

spectroscopic data of steroidal glycosides


spectroscopic data of steroidal glycosidesspectroscopic data of steroidal glycosidesspectroscopic data of steroidal glycosidesspectroscopic data of steroidal glycosidesspectroscopic data of steroidal glycosides