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15 ILLINOIS RURAL HEALTH CLINIC IMMUNIZATION PROJECT POLICY NUMBER: TITLE: Staff Training 2a APPROVAL DATE: LAST REVIEWED: LAST REVISED: PAGE 1 of 2 SIGNATURE OF APPROVAL: TITLE SIGNER: Policy: The materials in this toolkit will be helpful but should not be a substitute for LIVE instruction. A. Training 1. Use well-trained individuals to help train your new vaccinators. 2. Your local health department may also provide training or can refer you to other sources if necessary. 3. Updated in 2010, the California Department of Public Health, the DVD Immunization Techniques: Best Practices with Infants, Children, and Adults, focuses on the skills and techniques necessary for vaccine administration and may be ordered at 4. The e-learning website for California s VFC program, under the California Department of Public Health, provides free training, education, and tools that immunization providers need to develop immunization skills, order and store vaccines, and manage inventory. 5. Immunization courses offered in several formats are also made freely available on the CDC website at 6. Appendix D of the CDC s Pink Book provides a great deal of reference materials on vaccine administration at 7. Immunization webcasts and seminars are provided free at: 8. Nursing Initiative Promoting Immunization Training, is located at This program is made possible by the University of Oklahoma s College of Nursing and the CDC and is a free web-based curriculum, available until June 30, The Halo Screening Tool Health condition, Age, Lifestyle, and Occupation can help make an initial decision about vaccinating your patient. See attached example and at: 10. The Skills Check List for Immunizations is attached and at: 14

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Pincharse esteroides es malo

pincharse esteroides es malo


pincharse esteroides es malopincharse esteroides es malopincharse esteroides es malo