Phimosis steroid cream results

Phimosis, promounced as ‘fi moze is’ is a condition where there is the inability of the foreskin of the boys or men to pull back from its normal position on the head of the penis or glans.  This is a normal condition for baby boys but as they grow up, normally the skin in the tip of the glans can be drawn back as the foreskin supposedly loosens. When they become 3 years old, 0% of the uncircumcised boys should be able to pull back their foreskin from the tip of their penis. 17 year old males where 97% of these males are expected to fully pull back their foreskin. Paraphimosis , or sometimes known as adult phimosis, is a condition when the foreskin is taken behind the corona of the penis and cannot return to its normal position which causes entrapment of the glans, thus, blocking the supply of the blood. When this happens, it can result to severe painful conditions.

The Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher works by use of a balloon that is inserted between the foreskin and glans and gentle pressure is applied to the foreskin for a period of time each day for as long as is required. The copy claims to have data that shows that 95% of users received very satisfying results. The concept of using a balloon t stretch skin has been proven in many areas of medicine and surgery. The application to stretch a foreskin is both novel and clever allowing men to use a safe, simple but effective means to stretch their foreskin at home. The device can stay in place for as long is required each day.

Phimosis steroid cream results

phimosis steroid cream results


phimosis steroid cream resultsphimosis steroid cream resultsphimosis steroid cream resultsphimosis steroid cream resultsphimosis steroid cream results