Pain after steroid injection in ankle

Tarsal tunnel syndrome, which refers to tibial nerve compression in the ankle, and arthritis may present symptoms such as intense pain, tingling, pricking, and burning sensations that worsen when weight is placed on the ankle. Arthritis in the ankle often develops in older individuals as well as athletes who have a history of ankle trauma. Patients whose symptoms did not decrease after physical therapy, resting the ankle, or using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen are usually told to consider ankle injections as the next form of treatment. Most patients who suffer from tarsal tunnel syndrome or arthritis report improved mobility and pain relief after receiving an ankle injection.

I had an L5S1 microdiscectomy 8/29/12. My only symptom was a numb foot and 3 doctors said the surgery would be my best chance for recovery. Now almost 6 months later and I now have excruciating left lower back pain and what feels like hot coals on my knee and thigh…and my foot is still numb. 2nd MRI shows nothing and the surgeon has said he can’t do anything to help. Quality of life is pretty bad. I am only 63 and wonder if this is it for the rest of my life. I did have symptoms in the same area before the surgery occasionally which had never been diagnosed but nothing like this. This is simply awful. I was an idiot to let myself be talked into this operation. Something must have occured in the OR to cause my symptoms (which I started to notice right after surgery.) I am hoping that maybe a nerve got tweaked and will work itself out but after 6 months I am getting more and more depressed. Have never taken any pain meds but may have to consider it if I want to go on living.

I had a knee replacement 10 years ago , because I was bone on bone! Every since have my knee replaced I have had a Manipulation , surgery to remove scare tissue . Fast forward about four years still in a lot of pain with swelling , I ended up having a revision because something came loose ! Still a lot of pain and swelling , Four months after my revision I had to have a hip replacement all on the same side because my knee still had a lot of pain . So here we are 2017 my Dr retired and my new dr told me that the implants where in wrong ! Had another knee replacement in 2016 ! Still in a lot of pain and still very swollen in fact haven’t been working because it swells so bad when I stand or walk!

Pain after steroid injection in ankle

pain after steroid injection in ankle


pain after steroid injection in anklepain after steroid injection in anklepain after steroid injection in anklepain after steroid injection in anklepain after steroid injection in ankle