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Hey Ben. I am stymied by those last 5 pounds or so around the middle that are so dang hard to get rid of. I was up around 265 about a year ago, cleaned up my eating habits, and starting exercising like crazy, and went down almost 100 pounds in less than 5 months, and have put on about 15 pounds of muscle in the last year or so. The problem, though, is I STILL cannot get rid of that last few pounds of fat around the waist and belly button, no matter, what I do, low carbs, HIIT, intermittent fasting(though this helps me maintain my weight about 175), and sprinting. It just will not go away! What is it, am I just too damn old to get in righteous shape any more, or what? (I am 58). I have improves my musculature and general health to the point that my blood pressure went from 185/98 to 122/65, and my waist size went from about 46 inches back down to the 32 inches I used to be about 30 years ago. But this slight roll of flab around the belly just kicks my butt! I still do whole body workouts 3 or 4 times per week, and have cut out most sugar, all fried foods, potato chips, soft drinks, and fast foods, as well as processed foods. I cook most everything I eat myself, except for a meal out at a good-quality restaurant one time per week. I only drink water, unsweetened tea, almond milk, unsweetened also, and coffee now and then. Any suggestions will earn you my undying gratitude.

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Optimum anabolics jeff anderson download

optimum anabolics jeff anderson download


optimum anabolics jeff anderson downloadoptimum anabolics jeff anderson downloadoptimum anabolics jeff anderson downloadoptimum anabolics jeff anderson downloadoptimum anabolics jeff anderson download