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Pole Fitness Studio is owned by Fawnia Mondey. Fawnia started teaching in 1994 and is known around the world as being the world’s first pole dancing instructor. Fawnia’s goal has always been simple, to teach pole dancing in a safe, supportive, and extremely fun environment. Together with her certified staff, Pole Fitness Studio offers the most variety in classes and since day one, has always offered a private party experience. Quality matters so when you celebrate your birthday or bachelorette party with us, your party will always be private and every lady gets her own pole.

These fitness models have considerably elevated their Instagram game with their selfies and professional photoshoots. The abundance of firm muscles is only topped by their handsome faces. From clean-cut type of guys to hot scruffy ones you’re bound to find you new IG crush here. Athletes, trainers, actors, natural bodybuilders, ex-military men, power lifters and gym sharks. They all have one goal in common here… to motive you to lift your butt out of the chair and live a healthier life. And this list also gives you a chance to stare at those impossibly perfect physiques all at the same time and without being awkwardly caught!

Male fitness models steroids

male fitness models steroids


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