Listeroid generator india

There is a documented story of an automotive engineer showing up at a state fair booth where a guy was demonstrating an oil additive. they had a motor set up where two pieces of metal rubbed together and you could see the reduced friction when their product was added. The Engineer asked the guy running the booth if he would try 'his stuff', .... new pieces of metal were installed and this mystery concoction was added. To the amazement of the Booth Operator, he couldn't apply enough pressure to the disk to slow it down! The performance of this mystery stuff was off the chart, and clearly better than the stuff he was selling.

After two days of looking the Prakash over, I'd say it has all the important stuff... a true wet sleeve design that should work real hard and get rid of the heat. Some of the nicest castings I've seen on an Indian Lister, and the worst gas tank, pepper can muffler, I've seen from anywhere on the planet. This looks to be a great engine to build a show peace on, but remember, I've only taken apart one of them. be prepared to repaint it, and to clean paint off stuff you didn't want painted, and remember, we found one rod/crank pin fit that was not proper. If you're not willing to check a few things, buy one that has been gone through or get a guarantee that all is ready to go. Note what appears to be a forging mark on the crank.

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Listeroid generator india

listeroid generator india


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