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The panel of judges was comprised of members from Good Housekeeping and HSN, including: Good Housekeeping Editor-in-Chief Jane Francisco, Rachel Rothman, Chief Technologist, Good Housekeeping Institute; Dara Trujillo, VP, Merchandise New Business Development, HSN; Chris Gassett, Assistant General Counsel, HSN; Birnur Aral, Director of Beauty and Health Sciences, Good Housekeeping Institute; Matt Demers, VP, Quality Assurance, HSN; Heather Holdsworth, VP, Merchandise Planning, HSN; Sandy Conrad, SVP, Electronics and Housewares, HSN; Neal Martinelli, VP, Electronics Merchandising, HSN; and Adam Marland, Senior Buyer, Culinary, HSN.

Progressives were able to impose their sick ideology on a previously healthy society by making a long march through the institutions so as to capture the cultural high ground. They infiltrated the influential pillars of the establishment and eventually took them over, driving out most everyone who would resist their agenda. It happened to the news media, to Hollywood, to education, to the federal bureaucracy. Given that so many focus their attention obsessively on sports, it is unsurprising that progressives have strategically taken over the sports media too.

Kurt dell steroids

kurt dell steroids