Football players died from steroids

In an unusual case, one VFL umpire, Henry James "Bunny" Nugent (1880-1955), [164] [165] served in three wars, [166] [167] the Boer War, World War I, [168] [169] wherein he was awarded the Military Cross for his bravery, [170] and World War II (he had put his age back five years to enlist in 1939). [171] [172] In his first senior VFL match as field umpire back from his service in the First AIF, (Richmond v. Essendon on Saturday, 11 May 1918), the Richmond and Essendon players lined up and formed a guard of honour for him to run through as he took the ground. [173]

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Football players died from steroids

football players died from steroids


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