Anabolic growth tracker 5000

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I am 67 years old, i’m in decent shape and have no health issues. I did Power Lifting 20 years ago. when I was 65 I could do a High Pull (dead lift with bar 8 inches off the ground) over 500 lbs. I’ve been out of the gym for about 2 years. I’m just getting started back (0ne month).
So, my question is, What is a Stack you would recommend and what kind of cycle… Would there be a second or third Stack & Cycle ?
I don’t have an Ed problem now (I’m not the man I was) and don’t want a Ed problem (could use a boost)…

What do I use?  I love my iPhone with its Polar H7 bluetooth heart rate monitor and Polar bluetooth stride sensor for every day training.  I only use my Garmin for races and for multi-day bike trips. I will be reviewing the Garmin Edge 810 and the ForeRunner 610 in a later article. I have years of experience with these devices and love to hate them. I curse their horrible software and the hostile user interface on their devices.  I curse their expensive add on maps.  I curse the small, dim, unreadable display.  I get ahead of myself though, I will save that for my Garmin reviews.

Anabolic growth tracker 5000

anabolic growth tracker 5000


anabolic growth tracker 5000anabolic growth tracker 5000anabolic growth tracker 5000anabolic growth tracker 5000anabolic growth tracker 5000